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Make each stroke and each movement in the water count with Leada Training all Australian made Swimwear. Scientifically designed for competitive swimming, training, triathlons, water polo and other aquatic fitness activities.


Leada offers chlorine resistant swimwear, racing swimwear and even hoodies and other aqua sports apparel that can make you perform and look your best, too!


Featuring tough, lightweight fabrics, strong bindings on the leg and armholes, as well as a variety of designs and colours to choose from, Leada Australia’s Racing Swimwear increases your efficiency and speed without sacrificing comfort or style. Choose from competition to performance swimwear, or even one- or two-piece options (for women).


Leada also offers Chlorine Resistant Swimwear, such as jammers and trunks for men that optimize each movement in the water, thereby promoting speed, agility and efficiency. One would be hard-pressed to find any other training swimwear in Australia that combines exceptional features with affordable price tags.



Don’t get left behind in your race towards high performance. Choose Leada Training Swimwear and apparel for optimum comfort and affordability, as well as maximum speed and efficiency.


With Leada , you can definitely become a Leader in and out of the water.

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